The World in the Religion of Elegion

The world in the religion of Elegion is a complex but at the same time very simple world. Nobody has to worry, because everybody takes care of everybody.

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“Everyone” is not only people, but also animals, plants, even fungi and micro-organisms. Everything and everyone is connected and intuitively feels what is good – good for oneself – and good for the world. There are no wars and no hatred, no forest clearing, no animals tortured to provide food for humans. It is a perfect world – for everyone and for everything.

Conflicts in the World in the Religion of Elegion

Conflicts don’t even arise because we are all one – we are connected. There is no reason to be angry with the neighbor, to eye the stranger suspiciously, because at the deepest level we are all the same. We are atoms, we are energy, we are waves. Why should I want to do harm to my astral twin? Because his looks appear different? What does that say about me then? No, the world of the religion of Elegion is freed from these vices.

Total harmony in the world of the religion of Elegion
Total harmony in the world of the religion of Elegion

But does that mean that the religion of E exists in another world? After all, we see wars around us. The old woman across the street looked at you askance this morning, didn’t she? And what was that incomprehensible muttering of the guy who bumped into you in the bar yesterday? Was that harmony?

Harmony in the World in the Religion of Elegion

I can tell you don’t see it yet. The world of Elegion’s religion is around us and within us. There are open secrets in the religion of Elegion. It floods the world and every living thing in it – but you won’t see it until you get involved with the vibrations. If you allow your atoms, their neutrons and protons to vibrate on the same length, then you too will see the world of E – a world in which there is no global warming, no climate crisis, no climate catastrophe.

World in the Religion of Elegion is no nightmare

The world of the religion of Elegion lies parallel superimposed over the “real” world. But what you feel as real at the moment is the actual dream – the nightmare. You have to awake by letting yourself vibrate with E. Then also your consciousness will have the right wavelength to completely step over into the real real world of Elegion and to feel eternal harmony.