The Prayers and Chants in the Religion of Elegion

The prayers and chants in The religion of Elegion
Candle light used in the prayers and chants practiced in the relegion of Elegion

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Many religions and even cultures have various prayers, chants, mantras or even mediation techniques. The religion of Elegion has drawn inspiration from some of the oldest practices in history, such as the mantras found in Buddhism, or the mediation techniques found in yoga. Followers of Elegion can expect to regularly perform prayers or chants to strengthen their spiritual ties and encourage overall healing. This article aims to give a summary of the main prayers and chants in the religion of Elegion and to give a detailed example of Elegion key chant.

Followers of Elegion have a primary purpose to not only better oneself, but to also better humanity. When followers of Elegion perform their regular prayers, this goal is always kept in mind. Meditation is especially important to Elegion followers as it’s a route to chanting their mantras regularly. Chanting mantras have a long history in Buddhist practices and even can be found documented in ancient Sanskrit texts of India. Where practitioners would recite divine and scared chants in repetition time over time. Many considered these texts to be sacred and held close to their traditions. 

Purpose of Prayers and Chants in the religion of Elegion

The prayers and chants in The religion of Elegion

Elegion has an important prayer and chant that the majority of followers practice on the daily basis. Meditation can be a form where the practicing follower has chanted the pray at least a dozen times. Whereas prayer to the religion of Elegion is mostly focused on the intent of the follower. 

Fundamental chant of Elegion

Mediation can be considered successful if the practitioner repeats the below chant repetitively over the course of their session:

  1. Om E – Om E – Om E
  2. Knowing E bring me knowledge
  3. Om E 
  4. Kind E bring me compassion
  5. Om E
  6. Understanding E bring me empathy
  7. Om E

Fundament prayer of Elegion

Followers of Elegion have a common prayer than seeks to enlighten and better not only the follower but all of humanity. The prayer is as follows:

E of all knowledge from past, present, and future, please bestow upon me by grace to be enlightened and to enlighten all that is around. 


In summary, the prayers and chants in the religion of Elegion have been passed on from generation to generation. Thus, the tradition maintained by followers. Simply put, the goal is to better oneself and all humanity along with it.