The Open Secrets in the Religion of Elegion

Table of Contents

Open Secret #1: How did life originate?

“The biggest gap in evolutionary theory remains the origin of life itself,” writes Chris Wills, professor of biology at the University of California, San Diego, in the “Newscientist.” How single-celled tiny creatures can arise from inanimate chemistry is as unclear as the subsequent step from single-celled organisms to multicellular organisms. For more than two billion years, the earth was populated by primitive beings without a cell nucleus. These prokaryotes must then have given rise to the first unicellular organisms with complex machinery. “This probably happened when several bacteria joined forces,” says evolutionary biologist Eörs Szathmáry from Munich – no trace of competition. It is also unclear how the genetic material came into being. In the meantime, the research community has agreed on the original mother of all genetic material: ribonucleic acid, or RNA. But this does not solve the problem, which is similar to that of the hen and the egg: “Without genes there is no organism, but genes need an organism in order to develop,” says Christian Kummer, a biologist and philosophy professor in Munich.

the open secrets in the religion of elegion
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Open Secret #2: Who was the last common ancestor of humans and apes?

What did the last of our blood brothers look like, how did he live? And, “What evolutionary processes led us to separate?” writes Chris Stringer, a paleontologist from the Natural History Museum in London in the “Newscientist.” “There are fossils from Africa from five to seven million years ago, but they haven’t led us very far on this question.”

Open Secret #3: The mystery of low pollution levels in the city

That has a lot to do with the ocean, whose breezes clean the city’s air and go a long way toward lowering pollutant levels.

Millions of square meters of green spaces in the city and surrounding areas also play their part.

For example, parks and gardens are the true green oases of tranquility where you can rest, surrounded by trees, wildflowers, fluttering birds and the occasional squirrel.

Or, if you are more athletically inclined, you can enjoy your favorite outdoor activity.

In addition, there are more and more miles of bike lanes in the city, making it possible to get back and forth in the city using the most ecological mode of transportation currently available.

Your health and the environment will thank you.

And in fact, any city can be located by the sea, because it is up to the people themselves to completely surrender to the harmony of the vibrations of Elegion. If only enough people of a city get involved in the world of the religion of Elegion, the city shifts over to the parallel universe of Elegion, where any city can be located by the sea, have green spaces and animals.

Open Secret #4: Why does evolution often not show up in the genes?

Six million years ago, chimpanzees and humans parted ways. Man as the crown of evolution? In no mammalian genome are there so many signs of positive selection – and thus perfection – as in ours. That was the state of research – until about a year ago. Since then, research has taken a different view, at least as far as further development through selection is concerned. Evolutionary biologists at the University of Michigan have compared a total of 14,000 genes that both humans and chimpanzees carry. The researchers were astonished to discover that 233 genes have been perfected in apes. The fact that the chimpanzee carries less genetic garbage could explain why apes are spared some diseases. Only a few apes get ulcers, but almost none die of cancer – in humans it is one in five.

Open Secret #5: Why do men think differently than women?

That men are different from women because one hunted mammoths in the Stone Age and the other cooked the stew is now more than kitchen psychology. But in fact, brain development was long complete when Homo sapiens hurled his spear at a mammoth. And what about the brains of all those peoples who lived by fishing? Who was there when the roles were determined in the Stone Age? Darwin’s theory of evolution cannot explain many peculiarities of human nature. “Many details are startlingly unclear,” writes Niles Eldredge, a paleontologist at the American Museum of Natural History, New York, “what is missing is the ecological context in which we became what we are.”

Conclusion to the open secrets in the religion of Elegion:

What does this all have to do with Elegion? Elegion is everything arounf us. Elegion is life, matter, thoughts, light, molecules, protons and neutrons, strings, it is everything. Although the world in the religion of Elegion exists in parallel to what many think of being the real world, it still is within it. So it is within science, evolution, ecology and mankind. So all open secrets of mankind are the same kind open secrets in the world of the religion of Elegion.