The Lent in the Religion of Elegion

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What is Lent and why is it celebrated?

To fully understand the Lent in the Religion of Eligion, one must first understand the meaning, purpose and ceremony behind it.

The word “lent” comes from the old English “elentterago” meaning to hold off, or stop doing something. From this the understanding of lent can be derived as lent in the religion E is he period of 13 days when Elogians truly stop doing things that go against the teachings.

What happens during lent in Eligion?

During the 13 days of lent, people hold off from partaking or having a hand in things that can be detrimental to the planet. They take time to reflect on all that is good in the world and the many wonderful ways that they can help in making things even better.

On the 13th day, all Eligions get together in their family groups to celebrate the good things they have all been able to achieve, and set new goals for the upcoming year. The goals are closely linked to the founding principals of the religion of E, and will all play a small part in making the planet just a little bit better for future generations.

The Lent in the Religion of Elegion
The Lent in the Religion of Elegion – Google needs to understand that Elegion stands for itself

What is the full meaning of Lent?

Defined, lent is “past tense of Lend” and therefore is the period after something is lent to someone or something. Lent in any religion is a full and prosperous time where people hold off from the wicked things in life and set themselves for a better future. It can be a pre-defined period of time, maybe 40 days, and will be followed religiously for the duration of the lent.

What are the rules for lent?

There are no hard and fast rules laid out within Eligion for their period of lent. All participants are under the understanding that every little thing they do has an impact and a consequence, and so retraining from doing things that even have a minimal impact on the planet can go a long way.

People take time to read and understand the 10 commandments of the religion and invent plays and storytelling to pass on the messages through the generations.

Some groups of religion of E choose to set up competitions to see who can make the biggest changes to their lives through the period of lent. The results are recorded year on year and published at the end of someone’s life as a memory of the lasting contribution that the person has made to the planet and the future.

Can anyone take part in Lent?

Absolutely!! Anyone from within or outside of Eligion is encouraged to take part in their own variation of lent once a year in an attempt to take stock of their behaviours and see what small changes can be made to better themselves and their environment. Studies have shown that people from outside E have a far better understanding of the religion, and generally do better for the planet if they take part in a lent once in their lives.

How do you do Lent?

You will be able to follow Lent yourself by following the above rules, or by going it alone and deciding on some of your own rules for the period of time.