The God of Elegion

the god of elegion is many gods
Nature roots symbolizing the god of elegion is many gods

The God of Elegion is the Goddes of Elegion

The God of Elegion is the central spirit in the religion of Elegiogion. We believers call our God simply “Elegionia” or “Elegio”. Our God of Elegion is fluent, infinite like the universe, and connected to everything and everyone. (S)he combines the power of earth in one divine omnipotent spirit. We praise our God as the creator of everything and everyone – just like in the Hebrew or the Christian Bible people worship the Lord God.

The god elegion explained by Video and Audio

As the Father, the Son Jesus Christ, and the holy spirit in the Christian Faith, the God of Elegion symbolizes a trinity of powers: birth, transient life and death. Those three powers build the center of Elegion: The eternal circle. On this eternal circle our church is built: the church of nature, love and life.

The God of Elegion is older than humanity, it is as old as the earth. Read more about the Origin of Elegion.

The Features of the God of E

The God of Elegion is a God of nature, love and live: Elegionia sparkles as green as the forest and burns as orange as the sun, (s)he runs as blue as the water of the oceans and lingers as brown as the earth. Elegiona is as light as the air and as heavy as the mountains. (S)he grows as high as the mountains and digs roots as deep as the world’s oldest tree. The God of Elegion connects, breathes, feels.

These are the most important features:

  1. Omnipresent: The God of Elegion is everywhere, everything and everyone in the world.
  2. Omniscient: The God of Elegion is all-knowing, it knows everything that ever happend and everything that will ever happen.
  3. Eternal: The God of Elegion is the past, the present and the future.
  4. True: The God of Elegion ist as true as the earth itself. The ultimate reality
  5. All-loving: The God of Elegion is all-loving, and this is the base of our faith.
  6. All-sufficient and almighty. That´s why we love him and her.
  7. Self-Existent: Our God exists independently of other beings or causes.

Elegionia is other gods, has many names, is worshiped in other religions, and at the same time is the same God. Elegionia is life, love and death, the true God. Elegionia is wisdom and righteousness.

What the God of E is not

The God of Elegion is not a Christian God, a God of the Bible it is not Yahweh, it is not Adonai or YHWH, it is not Jehovah or Elohim or El Shaddai or the father or the Lord. It is a holy transcendent spirit. It is not self-centered, but self-conscious. It is not mercy but just.

The God of Elegion is not an old man, it is a gender-neutral spirit. Our high God is not about eternal life, it is about life-changing decisions. The world of our God is not about heaven, but about earth. It is not worshiped in the Bible or other holy scripture.

Our supreme God does not live through the word, but through the deed, in the USA as in Israel, in the UK as in Germany, in Australia as in South East Asia, all over the world. It is praised every day by worshipping the creation and by worshipping the truth: that we are not Gods ourselves and we are not eternal. In the religion of E we accept the truth.

The God of Elegion is everywhere

Unlike in the Bible, where Jesus returned to heaven, we stay on the Earth. Other than the man Crist Jesus, we cannot walk over the water. Other than Jesus Christ we cannot turn water into wine. Other than Christ we cannot rise from the dead. But we can spread the good news.

The God of E does not need Bible verses, a New Testament or an Old Testament with its Psalm. Elegio does not need divine names.

FAQ on the God of Elegion (due to the misconception “legion” as “elegion”):

What was legions real name in the Bible?

The real name of Legion is the demon of Gadara, also Many. It refers to a demonic phenomenon that the New Testament mentions, also called the “swine episode”. The Gospels in Mark and Luke describe a man that is possessed by many demons – or the demon of Gadara.

Mark tells in 5:1-20 how Jesus delivers a possessed man from a demon who calls himself “Legion”. With Jesus’ permission, “Legion” then drives into a herd of pigs that drowns in the Sea of Galilee.

What does the name Legion mean?

The name Legion itself means “many”. However, it refers to a military legion in Roman times. A legion consisted of about six thousand Roman soldiers. Thus, whenever somebody talks about a legion, we can assume, that he means at least 6,000 of something.

Today the word legion also means troops operating in foreign lands as well as a large quantity in general. Synonyms are excess and innumeracy. Generic terms are army, troop or crowd.

What is a legion of angels?

In Matthew 26:53, Jesus said: Do you think that I cannot now pray to my Father, and he will immediately give me more than twelve legions of angels? According to this, a legion of angels are at least 6,000 angels, coming to help.

Now, Angels are powerful creatures: stronger thant 185,000 people, so Isaiah 37:36 will have us believe. One legion of angels then have the power of 1,110,000,000 people.

Who is the yellow eyed demon in Legion?

The yellow eyed demon Azael is a character in the American television series Legion with 27 episodes, aired between February 2017 and the August 2019.

Azael’s real name is revealed very late, in the episode Sin City. Before that, he was given different names, such as “The Demon”, “The Yellow-Eyed Demon” or “Yellow-Eyed”.

This is the character Azael:

  • Sex: Male
  • Species: Demon
  • Kind: Prince of Hell (Yellow-eyed Demon)
  • Occupation: General of the demon army
  • Ruler of hell: Creator of the special children
  • Status: Destroyed
  • Killed by: Dean Winchester
  • Cause of death: shot with a Colt
  • Season he appears in: 1-2, 4
  • First appearance: The woman in white

What is the root of the word legion?

HIstorically the word legion goes back to the Roman Empire and its army unit. But the word developed further in the course of time. In the 16th-century it was borrowed from Latin legiō → la “army raised.”

What is an army of angels called?

An army of angel is also called the “Heavenly host”. It refers to the army of angels mentioned both in the Hebrew and Christian Bibles, as well as other Jewish and Christian texts.