The Festivals in the Religion of Elegion

The festivals in The religion of Elegion
Festival celebrating elegion with followers.

Generally, most people like to attend festivals. Whether it’s religious or just for fun. Celebrating over good food and music is quite a pleasurable experience. This is probably why almost all religious festivals have a high rate of success. Christian, Hindu, and Buddhist religious festivals are still being practiced and enjoyed to this day. Events are planned and anticipated throughout the year. Like many religions, Elegion has its own special festivals. In this article, an overview and summary of the festivals in the religion of Elegion is provided.

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New Year Celebration

The New Year is celebrated by families all around the world. More importantly, it’s a time to spend the coming of a new beginning with family and local communities. This day is booked on calendars well in advance. And festivities are planned for everyone. Religious leaders of Elegion are responsible for making sure everyone has access to live music and good food on this day. Some even provide activities for little ones, such as arts and crafts and outdoor activities. Celebrating this day is know as the New Year Festival of Elegion.

Yearly Events

Apart from the New Year festival, there are a few other widely celebrated festivals of the religion of Elegion. This section outlines these festivals in order of appearance through the year.

Heart Festival

The Heart festival is one of the festivals in the religion of Elegion that most followers practice in private. Similar to Valentines day, followers of Elegion show their affection to their loved ones through gifts and acts of kindness. 

Spring Festival

The Spring Festival is the celebration of a new beginning of a seasonal cycle. Coming out of the cold winter days, followers of Elegion celebrate these holy days with family and friends. Spring is one of the most important symbols in Elegion, as it is the beginning of new life and new opportunity to better oneself. 

Longest Day Festival

The Longest Day or Summer Festival is a time when everyone comes together to celebrate over music and drinks. Music is played all day and into the night. Some even say that Burning Man has inspired followers to create unique works of art. 

Harvest Festival

The harvest festival or harvest moon occurs annually on the first new moon of fall or autumn. This is one of the most enjoyable celebrations of the festivals in the religion of Elegion. Copious amounts of beer is consumed alongside good food and music. Followers will feast on the produce that is in season in their region. The main purpose of this festival is to enjoy the fruits of ones labor while being grateful to the gardens they came from, i.e. the Earth. 

Longest Night Festival

Mostly an outdoor festival, the longest night festival celebrates the winter equinox. This is very similar to the Longest Day festival or Summer festival where followers are reminded that their lives follow the same cycles of our planet. Many followers setup camps and spend the entire night outside. 

Elegion has plenty of its own festivals similar to many of the festivals from around the world, like Easter, Diwali or even Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead). Festivals are a time of celebration and enjoyment for everyone.