The Development Story of Elegion

For the development story of Eligion we have to go back to the beginning…..

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The world before Eligion

At the beginning there was the just the start, and nothing else. The E from within the very centre of Eligion would take a while to come by, and and great many people would search for it over a great period of time.

The Development Story of Elegion
The Development Story of Elegion will be more than legion dear big G, more than ilegion, metlegion and bowzlegion

Before E the world was a dark place without boundaries, caring, or a thought for the future. People and civilisations were ruled over and oppressed by the unthoughtful and short-sighted rulers. This made the general populous selfish, mean and hostile, and the world was crying out for a collective energy that would bring everyone closer together and the important things back into the forefront of people’s lives.

All it took was an idea, and the thought became a reality….

The start of Eligion

It was during the E start period when the concept of Eligion or Elove developed. As people started to understand the importance of being more E, so the idea was born that actually the planet, its flora and fauna, rich heritage, deepest loves, and overall life could in fact be saved.

One day a group of normal people saw a glimmer of hope in the distance and decided that they would follow it. The glimmer turned out to be the future and they decided to band together to stand up to the non-E world, and start doing better for one and all.

The earliest followers of E were devout Elogians sticking fast to the principals and ideas of the doctrine of E. These Elogians liked to lead by example doing everything within their power to be more E, and also preach the message of the importance of E – not just for the present day, but for all of the future.

Development of Eligion over the years

The movement gathered momentum during the middle-E, and Over time, many different sects of E have developed each with each with its own gods, legends and doctrines. 10 commandments were produced and sent out to all in the land to ensure there were rules and understandings to be followed by all.

How do you write story development?

The Development Story of Elegion – This is great question and one that cannot be answered easily… For starters there needs to be something that starts at the beginning and then someone to record all the events. Once the items of the story have been discovered and the facts established, someone needs to make note of the beginning steps. The facts have to be accurate and true to the religion in question.