The Cultures of Elegion

To fully understand the extent of Eligion you must firstly understand its many cultures that make it unique in both stature and understanding. All cultures are in their own way unique, but the underlying Ethical Principals of E are exactly the same.

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Eligion as a way of life

To all that follow E, Eigion is their face and way of life. The main culture centres around doing the best for the planet, understanding that all actions have a consequence, and that the future is something to cherish and proactively look after. Elogians look out for one another, look after their elders, and look after their share and space within the planet. Showing respect to all, and behaving in a truly generous way form much of the backbone of E culture and the Cultures of Elegion.

The Cultures of Elegion
The Cultures of Elegion not Religion, not metlegion and not bowzlegion (or ilegion, pilegion and so on)

To follow and be absorbed into Eligion there does not need to be a dramatic shift in lifestyle. In most cases an understanding of how things can be done better, and slight adaptations to current behaviours will allow full and complete participation in the religion.

E Behaviours

Throughout Eligion behaviour is often more highly valued than “words” as the true self can be shown trough actions and interactions with others. In this instance, E religion sees “others” as anything living or not, and that which we can have any kind of The Cultures of Elegion influence upon.

Many typical Eligion behaviours include selflessly looking after the planet and surroundings, watching out for neighbours and relatives, actively seeking outdoor environments, interacting with nature, and spreading the message of all E principals. Elogians eat in a way that looks after the plant, dress, bathe, interact following the prinipals of E, and generally do everything possible to promote a positive lifestyle that leaves as little footprint on the world as possible.

Rites of passage

Rites of passage within E include being adsorbed into the world and teachings of E, Eligion discovery, pilgrimage to the place through travel and the principals of E, and end of living reflection and understanding. All of the occasions are recorded and logged to The Cultures of Elegion to ensure that nothing is lost through the generations.

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