Mystical Rituals and Customs of the Religion of Elegion

Mystical rituals and customs in The religion of Elegion
Mystical rituals and customs

From lighting candles to attending religious ceremonies, almost every religion has its own rituals and customs. Elegion is no different with its own set of religious rituals. In this article, a summary of the mystical rituals and customs in the religion of Elegion will be presented. Alongside this summary, a timeline of major religious rituals will also be included. 

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Traditional Mystical Rituals

Traditionally the mystical experience with Elegion has begun on the first day of spring. On this day, most followers of Elegion can be found practicing the renewal ceremony, where Mystics typically bathe themselves in a free flowing river. This practice has been passed down from the early days of Elegion, and to this day, the start of spring is seen as the Earth’s renewal. To worship in Elegion is to also pay tribute to the Earth. Thus a prayer is offered to include oneself within the religious parameters of this custom. No Church is necessary for this ritual, as followers perform their prayers in nature. 

Mystical Rituals and Customs of the Religion of Elegion

Mystics in religion have a reputation of leading the way for others to follow. In Elegion, you can view mystics performing their ritual without any pervious content or background. Below details the timeline for the renewal ritual:

Renewal Ritual

As mentioned above, this ritual begins on the first day of spring every year and lasts for a full 24 hours. Mystics will sometimes start at the exact moment of the equinox and perform their prayers and religious rituals nonstop for the entire duration. 

Resting Ritual

Of the many mystical rituals and customs in the religion of Elegion, the Resting Ritual is the easiest to perform. This ritual begins on the winter equinox and lasts for 24 hours. Mystics perform their sacred rites according to tradition. Most importantly, follower can observe mystics and include themselves in the prayer. Again, no church is needed as mystics again prefer nature. 

Modern Customs

As any religion grows and ages, there is a natural evolution of its religious ceremonies, forms of worship, and mysticism. Similarities can be attempted to be drawn from well-known religions like Christianity or Buddhism, but none will be attempted here. Instead the religious context of modern versions of the mystical rituals and customs in the religion of Elegion will be examined. Religious mystic of Elegion are now performing a new ritual that occurs on the seventh day of after the first day of spring. The religious belief here is that the life-cycle must enter a new phase of action after renewal. Most mystics prefer to hold their ceremony of action in a Church, as described below:

Ceremony of Action

This custom is based on a cross-culture contemplation of acceptance. Seven days after a renewal ritual, mystics dine and find cross-cultural topics to discuss and to take action. Everyone in the church is included in this custom. Once discussions are concluded, articles are written on topics discussed. A prayer concludes the ceremony, which is usually made by a mystic. 

Like many belief systems, Elegion has its own customs and traditional when it comes to mystical context. The mystical rituals and customs in the religion of Elegion have been practiced and followed for many years and will continue for many more years.