The Development of Faith in Elegion

Table of Contents

Before: There was no Faith

The development of faith in Elegion is closely linked to the development story of Elegion itself. In the past, sweet babies grew up to be selfish children, and mean children became power-hungry adults. There was no sense of love for the sake of love itself. Everything that people did, they did for their own benefit.

The Development of Faith in Elegion in Video and Audio

This went on and on for thousands of years. And the longer it went on, the darker the world became, and the more the world was destroyed because no one was paying attention. But it was not long that the development of faith in Elegion began.

Beginning: Until a child changed everything

One day, a 3-year-old girl refused to eat because her 3-year-old neighbor didn’t have enough for himself. The mother said: “What do you care?” The girl said: “I want to share.” She went on and on with it. Every day she went to her neighbor friend and shared her meal with him.

Slowly more children joined them. The days became weeks, the weeks became months, then months became years. And one day, when the circle of children had expanded into a whole village and the children had grown up, there were the first kind and faithful adults. A collective energy had developed – isolated yet, but strong. So the development of faith in Elegion began.

The Faith got stronger

The Elogians, as the earliest followers called themselves, saw a glimpse of hope and followed it – not by just preaching, but by example. So that other people could see.

And as time went by, other people did see. People got curious, joined the believers of Eligion for a meal, a talk, or a sit in. Slowly but steadily more people came, and more people stayed. So the development of faith in Elegion went on.

The Faith found its words

With Elegion the dark times became brighter and slowly a sense of future evolved. Instead of hopelessness and hostility, collective energy evolved and brought people closer together.

Over time more and more people professed Elegion and started to develop their faith in ethical principles. All of sudden so many people instinctively believed and wanted to confess their faith.

So the Elegionians constituted their relgion, they wrote down Prayers and Chants of Elegion, they prayed to their God of Elegion, and practised their mystical rituals and customs of Elegion

The Development of Faith was unstoppable

Since people recognized the value of love, selfishness slowly lost ground. They decided to give Elegion even more foundation and a clear guideline that could help evolve the religion of Elegion as well as the development of faith in Elegion.

They wrote down the Ten Commandments of Elegion. As each year since that day they celebrate Festivals in the Religion of Elegion, where the blieverers dance, sing, pray and love.