The Development of Faith in Elegion

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Before: There was no Faith

The development of faith in Elegion is closely linked to the development story of Elegion itself. In the past, sweet babies grew up to be selfish children, and mean children became power-hungry adults. There was no sense of love for the sake of love itself. Everything that people did, they did for their own benefit.

The Development of Faith in Elegion in Video and Audio

This went on and on for thousands of years. And the longer it went on, the darker the world became, and the more the world was destroyed because no one was paying attention. But it was not long that the development of faith in Elegion began.

Beginning: Until a child changed everything

One day, a 3-year-old girl refused to eat because her 3-year-old neighbor didn’t have enough for himself. The mother said: “What do you care?” The girl said: “I want to share.” She went on and on with it. Every day she went to her neighbor friend and shared her meal with him.

Slowly more children joined them. The days became weeks, the weeks became months, then months became years. And one day, when the circle of children had expanded into a whole village and the children had grown up, there were the first kind and faithful adults. A collective energy had developed – isolated yet, but strong. So the development of faith in Elegion began.

The Faith got stronger

The Elogians, as the earliest followers called themselves, saw a glimpse of hope and followed it – not by just preaching, but by example. So that other people could see.

And as time went by, other people did see. People got curious, joined the believers of Eligion for a meal, a talk, or a sit in. Slowly but steadily more people came, and more people stayed. So the development of faith in Elegion went on.

The Faith found its words

With Elegion the dark times became brighter and slowly a sense of future evolved. Instead of hopelessness and hostility, collective energy evolved and brought people closer together.

Over time more and more people professed Elegion and started to develop their faith in ethical principles. All of sudden so many people instinctively believed and wanted to confess their faith.

So the Elegionians constituted their relgion, they wrote down Prayers and Chants of Elegion, they prayed to their God of Elegion, and practised their mystical rituals and customs of Elegion

The Development of Faith was unstoppable

Since people recognized the value of love, selfishness slowly lost ground. They decided to give Elegion even more foundation and a clear guideline that could help evolve the religion of Elegion as well as the development of faith in Elegion.

They wrote down the Ten Commandments of Elegion. As each year since that day they celebrate Festivals in the Religion of Elegion, where the blieverers dance, sing, pray and love.

Religion of E

When it comes to religions, the world needs simplification.   Orthodox people cannot relate to new ones. So Christian churches have come to an agreement with this idea. Simply put, the new philosophy is to have one religion of e encompassing all.   

Table of Contents

religion of e in google search
religion of e in google search

The Catholic Church and E

The Catholic Church is well known around the globe. E-Books are an effortless way to gather added information. Having strong faith encourages followers of the religion of E to create better practices. Religious Discourse can also be seen as an area of discussion. Christianity Protestants or hunger games – I have no idea which movie to choose next Wednesday. Followers must stay adherent to the code of conduct.  Buddhism has influenced many views globally.  One study can also draw similarities from Judaism to this new concept.  

Books of E

Books god offer a ton of knowledge. Of the three major religions, Islam and e-Religion is the fastest growing one. Epistemology is a tough word to spell and even harder ritual to pronounce from book. Many followers of Christianity believe in charity and kindness to others. Religious texts can be found on many different surfaces throughout the course of history. The Catholic Church has been involved in many different controversies.  

Muslims and E

Muslims around the world celebrate their holidays together. Catholic people have been known to attend mass at church. The eschatology of religion is a complex topic to examine. Scholars all over the world have added content to their programs of choice.  The study of religion of e has become an important part of the lives of some people.  Christian textbooks can be found in shops all over the world. Where secular knowledge and advice is sought more than traditional knowledge. Having a social impact is where we find the root cause of happiness in many followers of Elegion. 

Orthodox E Church

If you have ever been to an Orthodox Church of e-Religion, then you will notice the main differences between it and modern churches.  There are many traditional practices in Judaism that have carried over for centuries.  Many people stay firm in their belief that their view is the best.  Zoroastrianism is one of the oldest practices in history with followers still practicing its teachings. Many people feel they are more spiritual than religious. Paganism book has become more popular with the younger crowd.  

Syncretic E approach

Taking a syncretic russian orthodox church approach is the best way to understand the origins of many ideas. Believing in god has something without knowing it’s true can be considered as faith. Building your character can improve your outlook on many things in life.  As most religious decisions can be interpreted as a singular Spiritualism faith one. There are many examples from Jesus Christ SOAS that followers still practice.  Although many of the religious symbols have been replaced by new ones. Their content remains the same. So, one can conclude religious text is a good place to start.  Especially, when it comes to Christian literature.  World Wide Web offers a major source of information. That allows for critical thinking to take place.  

E Evangelicalism

However, Evangelicalism is now starting to increase worldwide. This is making more world events become known, particularly in the news. As Christianity gains in popularity, more people are discovering new information. Specifically as in Buddhism, people are encourage to gain more knowledge and to expand their own understanding of the universe. Islam has also experienced similar growth milestones.  

The many followers of E

Where the access to Orthodox Church has commented on Anastasia Karaflogka on this growth. This has strengthen the belief of many followers.  Causing more religious movements to be witnessed every day. Karaflogka is an exceedingly difficult name to pronounce, luckily her first name is Anastasia. Her name comes from a study of unfamiliar cultures.  She was originally Catholic. To this day you can find content on her. Her role in religion of e is yet to be confirmed. But some say she was a Jehovah witness.  This could have had many different social implications. As her Judaism religious writings are like many others of her time.  

E Mormonism

Mormonism has helped social people stay sober for many years. Just as Hinduism has helped people stay vegetarian.  Even a Protestant churchgoer can find access reasons for improving their life. Islamic students have been studying texts related to their views. 

E Jainism and E Taoism

Jainism, Taoism, and evangelism all have their own theology. 

Subjects Evangelistic can sometimes even site scripture to establish Orthodoxy over certain topics. This philosophy is not only for Orthodox followers, but also modern Christians Protestantism. Islam has similar roots as Islamic teaches can be found in E-Religion offering critical appraisal. COVID-19 has had little Spirituality impact on the character limit 500 for texts. The Eastern Orthodox Church of abrahamic E implemented god in their books. Access studies of Britannica have shown that this type of faith is reinforced through books.

Q&A to the Religion of E

What does E stand for in Christianity?

“ΙΗΣ” ᾿ησοῦς – the first three letters of the Greek Ιησοῦς (Aakkoset) – From the Greek letters I (= J), H (= E) ja S (= S): JES = abbreviation of Jesus- popular: Ιησούς, Sotiras, Makarios. Another tradition interprets the symbol according to its Latin letters: Jesus Hominum Salvator = Jesus, Savior of men.

Is C of E religion?

Religion (from the Latin religio “meticulous attention, care”, from the Latin relegere “I examine, I have in mind”, which originally meant “meticulous attention to the observance of signs and rules”) is a collective term for a large number of different worldviews, each of which is based on a corresponding belief in certain transcendental (supernatural, supernatural, supernatural) forces and often also in sacred objects.

What religion starts with an A?

The Abrhamestic regligions’ purpose of the following work is to examine whether and to what extent the three major monotheistic religions, Christianity, Judaism and Islam, can be included in the term “religion”. Perspectives from all three sides will be examined and a link will be made to interfaith dialogue.

What are the 10 types of religion?

Top 10 Religions and Beliefs: What Makes the World’s Greatest Religions and Beliefs Stand Out? How many fans can you count and where do they really come from? We gathered the basics in one overview.

The World in the Religion of Elegion

The world in the religion of Elegion is a complex but at the same time very simple world. Nobody has to worry, because everybody takes care of everybody.

Table of Contents

“Everyone” is not only people, but also animals, plants, even fungi and micro-organisms. Everything and everyone is connected and intuitively feels what is good – good for oneself – and good for the world. There are no wars and no hatred, no forest clearing, no animals tortured to provide food for humans. It is a perfect world – for everyone and for everything.

Conflicts in the World in the Religion of Elegion

Conflicts don’t even arise because we are all one – we are connected. There is no reason to be angry with the neighbor, to eye the stranger suspiciously, because at the deepest level we are all the same. We are atoms, we are energy, we are waves. Why should I want to do harm to my astral twin? Because his looks appear different? What does that say about me then? No, the world of the religion of Elegion is freed from these vices.

Total harmony in the world of the religion of Elegion
Total harmony in the world of the religion of Elegion

But does that mean that the religion of E exists in another world? After all, we see wars around us. The old woman across the street looked at you askance this morning, didn’t she? And what was that incomprehensible muttering of the guy who bumped into you in the bar yesterday? Was that harmony?

Harmony in the World in the Religion of Elegion

I can tell you don’t see it yet. The world of Elegion’s religion is around us and within us. There are open secrets in the religion of Elegion. It floods the world and every living thing in it – but you won’t see it until you get involved with the vibrations. If you allow your atoms, their neutrons and protons to vibrate on the same length, then you too will see the world of E – a world in which there is no global warming, no climate crisis, no climate catastrophe.

World in the Religion of Elegion is no nightmare

The world of the religion of Elegion lies parallel superimposed over the “real” world. But what you feel as real at the moment is the actual dream – the nightmare. You have to awake by letting yourself vibrate with E. Then also your consciousness will have the right wavelength to completely step over into the real real world of Elegion and to feel eternal harmony.

The Ten Commandments of Elegion

Natural stone formations where ten commandments of elegion originated

What are the Ten Commandemants of Elegion

Table of Contents

The ten commandments of Elegion build the base of Elegion ethics. It is a guideline on how to live in harmony with the earth, in past, present, and future. The ten commandments of Elegion, or the Decalogue, build the base of Elegion ethics, but take reference to Moses Book of Exodus as well as to the Book of Deuteronomy.

Other than in Christian Religion it was not a prophet like Moses who wrote the Ten Commandments on the stone tablet. The first believers themselves wrote the Ten Commandments of Elegion.

The God of Elegion teaches us that we are just now and here, but the earth – Elegionia – is always and everywhere. To become eternal, we have to understand, respect, and follow the laws of Elegion. See the full Commandments List here:

  1. You shall give more than you take
  2. You shall eat less than you grow
  3. You shall create more than you destroy
  4. You shall own less than your hands can carry
  5. You shall not take joy in what harms others
  6. You shall treat all beings as living, sensitive creatures
  7. You shall respect all beings for what they are
  8. You shall be thankful for every second earth is hosting you
  9. You shall not lie to yourself
  10. You shall decide every day anew, to understand, respect and follow

Here you read more about the background of every single one of the Ten Commandments of Elegion.

1. Give more than you take

The first Commandment of Elegion states: As long as you give more than you take, there will always be plenty and no one has less than he needs. Most of us take more than we need and certainly more than we give. Of course, we give a lot to our loved ones – although what our loved ones need, is just love – but at the same time we often take it from others. Others outside of our limited view.

2. Eat less than you grow

The second of the ten Commandments of Elegion states: Eat less than you grow. We are gourmets and foodies, culinary artists, and connoisseurs. We are – let´s no longer lie to ourselves – greedy for food en masse and class, and we make whoever cannot defend themselves, pay for it. Let us pay more respect to the great creation that we profit from and eat only what we can regrow.

3. Create more than you destroy

The third of the Commandments says: We are guests on Elegions blue surface. Guests are welcome in the eyes of God. As long as they know how to behave. We don´t want to destroy our host home. Yet, it happens. Yet, we have to. To make new creations. We cannot not destroy.

What we can do, though, is being conscious about it. Only then can we stop our trail of destruction. We can stop destroying more than absolutely necessary and start creating. For only by creating do we give Elegion something back.

4. Own less than your hands can carry

The fourth of the Ten Commandments of Elegion states: Abstinence is the only possible way to ensure that all beings have enough to live. We are simply too many.

5. Don´t take joy in what harms others

Don´t look a gift horse in the mouth? Do look, says the fifth of the Don´t look a gift horse in the mouth? Do look, says the fifth of the Ten Commandments of Elegion! Nothing is free of charge. Find out who is paying for your gift! And who you steal from. Find out, who is getting harmed by your gift.

6. Treat all beeings as living, sensitive creatures

Just because we can, doesn´t mean we have to. Just because we can, doesn´t mean we have a right to. As we can read in Moses book of Exodus in the Old Testament tells us, and as Jesus Christ tells us, any living creature deserves respect, any living creature is holy.

The fact that we use animals to feed ourselves, does not mean that we should make them suffer beyond losing their lives.

7. Respect all beings for what they are

The world is colorful and so are the creatures living on God’s earth. The seventh of the Commandments knows: Every creature is different – may it be in appearance or needs. Don´t judge. Don´t feel superior. Arrogance and self-righteousness are false gods.

8. Be thankful for every second earth is hosting you

In the eight of the Ten Commandments of Elegion we have already learned, that we are only guests. With our birth, we have been given time on this earth. A very short time in relation to eternity – but a lifetime for a human being. Be grateful for the time, God has given you – and take it for what it is: a gift, not a right, to which you are entitled.

9. Don´t lie to yourself

Lie to yourself, and you are lost. Lie to yourself, and the world is lost. Don´t commit false witness Lying to yourself is the first step into self-surrender, for you give all decisions out of your hands. You disarm yourself from your most powerful tool. Be conscious, and be merciless with yourself.

10. Decide every day anew, to understand, respect and follow

Last, but not least is the Tenth Commandment of Elegion.

Our God is not a jealous God. You may have other Gods. You may observe other religions. This is not spiritual adultery. You may observe Sabbath on the seventh day, you might accidentally take the name of the Lord in vain, you may covet your neighbor’s wife or husband.

We are not guiltless, but we have to decide every day anew that we will not let us distract from trying to live in harmony with the earth and with God.

In Egypt the people praised the Pharaoh in biblical times, in Hebrew religion, the Book of Exodus Moses was a prophet. In Elegion we don´t praise prophets. The holy God for us is the spirit of the Earth.

The Elegion Commandments compared to others:

What are the 10 Commandments of Christianity?

The 10 Commandments of Christianity are:

  1. I am the Lord your God. You shall not have other gods before me.
  2. You shall not take the name of the Lord your God in vain.
  3. Remember to keep holy the Sabbath day.
  4. Honor your father and your mother.
  5. You shall not kill.
  6. You shall not commit adultery.
  7. You shall not steal.
  8. You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor.
  9. You shall not covet your neighbor’s wife.
  10. You shall not covet your neighbor’s goods.

How do they compare to the 10 commandements of Elegion?

The Ten Commandments of Christianity and the Ten Commandments of Elegion center around very different things:

The Ten Commandments of Christianity center very much on the Christian God itself. Also they give a strict moral code as to how to worship the Christian God. Furthermore, it tells Christians how to respect other peoples lives and property, including the wives.

The 10 Commandments of Elegion center around earth and its nature and thus around worshipping it by respecting and protecting it from human arrogance and self-centering.

Did the Catholic Church change the 10 Commandments?

Yes and No.

The Ten Commandments first appear in the Book of Exodus. According to the Book of Exodus Moses, following Gods orders, freed the Israelites from physical slavery in Egypt. God offered a covenant to also free them from the “spiritual slavery” of sin.

The Ten Commandments further reappear in Deuteronomy. The version in Deuteronomy is basically the same. There are some differences, though.

What are the commandments of Jesus?

There is one central commandment of Jesus: The New Commandment in Christianity describes Jesus’s idea to “love one another”. This commandment of Jesus was given to his disciples after the Last Supper, and after Judas Iscariot had departed.

Who wrote the 10 Commandments?

Moses wrote the 10 Commandments – following the orders of God. It was on the sixth day of Sivan 6, some 3,500 years ago. It happend on the Mount Sinai, where Moses was staying for 40 days.

According to the story in the Tanakh, God appeared to Moses on Mount Horeb in the burning bush to give him the task of leading the people of Israel out of Egypt.

Where is Moses buried?

Moses is buried on Mount Nebo. According to the Bible Moses lived out his final days here. A purported grave of Moses is located at Maqam El-Nabi Musa, in the West Bank, close to Jericho and Jerusalem. Of course, nobody knows for sure, since it has never been proven. But why would you want to know, if you as well may believe.

And what does Moses have to do with Elegion?

Moses has absolutely nothing to do with the Religion of Elegion. In the religion of E we don´t want the bush to burn, we want it to thrive and grow.

Why are there 2 versions of the 10 Commandments?

There are 2 versions, because the Hebrew Bible contains two slightly different versions.

Which is the greatest commandment?

The first commandment is the greatest. This is whay it is the first. The Ten commandments are written in the order of priority. You start with the most important and finish with the least important. Of course, that does not mean, it is ok to break them.

How can I remember the Ten Commandments?

The most simple way to learn it is by using the most simple words. you can find for it. Here you go:

  1. I am the only God. Don´t worship false Gods.
  2. Don´t take my name in vain.
  3. Do keep the sabbath day Holy.
  4. Do honor your parents.
  5. Don´t kill.
  6. Don´t cheat.
  7. Don´t steal.
  8. Don´t lie.
  9. Don´t want others wifes.
  10. Don´t want others goods.

Also, remember: 2 Dos, 8 Dont´s

The Social Order in the Religion of Elegion

The Social Order in the Religion of Elegion

Table of Contents


The Social Order in the Religion of Elegion uses the term “social order” to refer to a state of stability and consensus that exists without chaos and upheaval. Theoplogists, however, have a more complex understanding of the term.
It refers to the organisation of the believers of the Religion of Elegion as interconnected parts of society. Social order exists because individuals agree to a common belief that the 10 principles of faith and certain standards, values and norms must be followed to.


Solidarity is one of the basic moral principles of the Regilion of Elegion in modern society. We can regularly observe appeals to solidarity and also complaints about its disappearance. The Social Order in the Religion of Elegion requires solidarity to have altruistic motives and is performed out of an intrinsic interest. Solidarity is bound to voluntariness and is based on feelings of connectedness as a condition.

The Social Order in the Religion of Elegion

Humanistic and altruistic rules

The Religion of Elegion relies on humanistic and altruistic norms to solve social problems. However, this should not obscure the fact that it is not about rules or laws, but about benefits and incentives. Rules are rather only the systematic place to set incentives. Rules in the social order in the Religion of Elegion, however, cannot only be set by the god of the Religion of Elegion, but can also evolve or be introduced socially. For example, norms of trust and standards in groups can form through invisible processes. To stabilise these norms, however, morality is needed, on the one hand to absorb the uncertainty that rules bring with them and, on the other hand, to punish rule violations.

The Prayers and Chants in the Religion of Elegion

Candle light used in the prayers and chants practiced in the relegion of Elegion

Table of Contents

Many religions and even cultures have various prayers, chants, mantras or even mediation techniques. The religion of Elegion has drawn inspiration from some of the oldest practices in history, such as the mantras found in Buddhism, or the mediation techniques found in yoga. Followers of Elegion can expect to regularly perform prayers or chants to strengthen their spiritual ties and encourage overall healing. This article aims to give a summary of the main prayers and chants in the religion of Elegion and to give a detailed example of Elegion key chant.

Followers of Elegion have a primary purpose to not only better oneself, but to also better humanity. When followers of Elegion perform their regular prayers, this goal is always kept in mind. Meditation is especially important to Elegion followers as it’s a route to chanting their mantras regularly. Chanting mantras have a long history in Buddhist practices and even can be found documented in ancient Sanskrit texts of India. Where practitioners would recite divine and scared chants in repetition time over time. Many considered these texts to be sacred and held close to their traditions. 

Purpose of Prayers and Chants in the religion of Elegion

The prayers and chants in The religion of Elegion

Elegion has an important prayer and chant that the majority of followers practice on the daily basis. Meditation can be a form where the practicing follower has chanted the pray at least a dozen times. Whereas prayer to the religion of Elegion is mostly focused on the intent of the follower. 

Fundamental chant of Elegion

Mediation can be considered successful if the practitioner repeats the below chant repetitively over the course of their session:

  1. Om E – Om E – Om E
  2. Knowing E bring me knowledge
  3. Om E 
  4. Kind E bring me compassion
  5. Om E
  6. Understanding E bring me empathy
  7. Om E

Fundament prayer of Elegion

Followers of Elegion have a common prayer than seeks to enlighten and better not only the follower but all of humanity. The prayer is as follows:

E of all knowledge from past, present, and future, please bestow upon me by grace to be enlightened and to enlighten all that is around. 


In summary, the prayers and chants in the religion of Elegion have been passed on from generation to generation. Thus, the tradition maintained by followers. Simply put, the goal is to better oneself and all humanity along with it.  

The Origin of Elegion

Table of Contents

The origin of elegion explained by Video and Audio

Prehistory and ancient civilisations

It is already known from prehistoric societies that ethical principles of behaviour determined everyday life. Even early societies were religiously based, rules for harmonious coexistence and a higher power determined the way people lived together..

In early advanced civilisations the first manifestations of ethical thinking were of crucial importance for the development of the social ethos. The origin of Elegion is thought to be in ancient China. With Tao and the principle of world order, ethical norms found their way into the supreme law.

In Babylonian times, the ethical commandments that would later have a significant influence on the Elegion are traced back to Shamash, the god of law, who is also considered the author of the Codex Ḫammurapi, the oldest surviving collection of laws.

Pre-Christian Antiquity

Plato relates, ethics closely to metaphysics.

In the early Platonic diaries, questions of the “essence” of the ethics central. The various attempts to answer these question culminate in the question of good, since there are also “bad” forms of human society.

For Plato the recognition of the good is not only the condition for the understanding of the essence of ethics but for the essence of all things. If humans understand what a “good” thing is, what its goal is, they are also in a position to recognize its true “essence”.

The Origin of Elegion
The Origin of Elegion

Antiquity and the Middle Ages

In the Middle Ages, ethics is initially founded on divine revelation.  An attempt is made to integrate the approaches of ancient philosophy into theology. Elegion is born. Following Neoplatonism, the actptance of ethics for all social decisions is seen as the goal of human action. However, due to his sinfulness, man cannot achieve this goal by his rational nature alone, but only through divine grace.

19th century

The ethics of the 19th century is strongly influenced by natural law. This also forms the background of Kant’s ethics of duty. A splitting of ethics into a moral doctrine occurs. 

In all thought and action, absolute reason is now aspired to, in which the inner subjectivity of morality and the outer objectivity are suspended. In this way, the link between ethics, economics and politics that existed in classical antiquity is restored.  This principle confirms that modern states have clear characteristics of elegy.

Leading theologians have described this development as the origin of Elegion in the modern era.

The Open Secrets in the Religion of Elegion

Table of Contents

Open Secret #1: How did life originate?

“The biggest gap in evolutionary theory remains the origin of life itself,” writes Chris Wills, professor of biology at the University of California, San Diego, in the “Newscientist.” How single-celled tiny creatures can arise from inanimate chemistry is as unclear as the subsequent step from single-celled organisms to multicellular organisms. For more than two billion years, the earth was populated by primitive beings without a cell nucleus. These prokaryotes must then have given rise to the first unicellular organisms with complex machinery. “This probably happened when several bacteria joined forces,” says evolutionary biologist Eörs Szathmáry from Munich – no trace of competition. It is also unclear how the genetic material came into being. In the meantime, the research community has agreed on the original mother of all genetic material: ribonucleic acid, or RNA. But this does not solve the problem, which is similar to that of the hen and the egg: “Without genes there is no organism, but genes need an organism in order to develop,” says Christian Kummer, a biologist and philosophy professor in Munich.

the open secrets in the religion of elegion
the open secrets in the religion of elegion are not knwon by Google yet

Open Secret #2: Who was the last common ancestor of humans and apes?

What did the last of our blood brothers look like, how did he live? And, “What evolutionary processes led us to separate?” writes Chris Stringer, a paleontologist from the Natural History Museum in London in the “Newscientist.” “There are fossils from Africa from five to seven million years ago, but they haven’t led us very far on this question.”

Open Secret #3: The mystery of low pollution levels in the city

That has a lot to do with the ocean, whose breezes clean the city’s air and go a long way toward lowering pollutant levels.

Millions of square meters of green spaces in the city and surrounding areas also play their part.

For example, parks and gardens are the true green oases of tranquility where you can rest, surrounded by trees, wildflowers, fluttering birds and the occasional squirrel.

Or, if you are more athletically inclined, you can enjoy your favorite outdoor activity.

In addition, there are more and more miles of bike lanes in the city, making it possible to get back and forth in the city using the most ecological mode of transportation currently available.

Your health and the environment will thank you.

And in fact, any city can be located by the sea, because it is up to the people themselves to completely surrender to the harmony of the vibrations of Elegion. If only enough people of a city get involved in the world of the religion of Elegion, the city shifts over to the parallel universe of Elegion, where any city can be located by the sea, have green spaces and animals.

Open Secret #4: Why does evolution often not show up in the genes?

Six million years ago, chimpanzees and humans parted ways. Man as the crown of evolution? In no mammalian genome are there so many signs of positive selection – and thus perfection – as in ours. That was the state of research – until about a year ago. Since then, research has taken a different view, at least as far as further development through selection is concerned. Evolutionary biologists at the University of Michigan have compared a total of 14,000 genes that both humans and chimpanzees carry. The researchers were astonished to discover that 233 genes have been perfected in apes. The fact that the chimpanzee carries less genetic garbage could explain why apes are spared some diseases. Only a few apes get ulcers, but almost none die of cancer – in humans it is one in five.

Open Secret #5: Why do men think differently than women?

That men are different from women because one hunted mammoths in the Stone Age and the other cooked the stew is now more than kitchen psychology. But in fact, brain development was long complete when Homo sapiens hurled his spear at a mammoth. And what about the brains of all those peoples who lived by fishing? Who was there when the roles were determined in the Stone Age? Darwin’s theory of evolution cannot explain many peculiarities of human nature. “Many details are startlingly unclear,” writes Niles Eldredge, a paleontologist at the American Museum of Natural History, New York, “what is missing is the ecological context in which we became what we are.”

Conclusion to the open secrets in the religion of Elegion:

What does this all have to do with Elegion? Elegion is everything arounf us. Elegion is life, matter, thoughts, light, molecules, protons and neutrons, strings, it is everything. Although the world in the religion of Elegion exists in parallel to what many think of being the real world, it still is within it. So it is within science, evolution, ecology and mankind. So all open secrets of mankind are the same kind open secrets in the world of the religion of Elegion.

The Lent in the Religion of Elegion

Table of Contents

What is Lent and why is it celebrated?

To fully understand the Lent in the Religion of Eligion, one must first understand the meaning, purpose and ceremony behind it.

The word “lent” comes from the old English “elentterago” meaning to hold off, or stop doing something. From this the understanding of lent can be derived as lent in the religion E is he period of 13 days when Elogians truly stop doing things that go against the teachings.

What happens during lent in Eligion?

During the 13 days of lent, people hold off from partaking or having a hand in things that can be detrimental to the planet. They take time to reflect on all that is good in the world and the many wonderful ways that they can help in making things even better.

On the 13th day, all Eligions get together in their family groups to celebrate the good things they have all been able to achieve, and set new goals for the upcoming year. The goals are closely linked to the founding principals of the religion of E, and will all play a small part in making the planet just a little bit better for future generations.

The Lent in the Religion of Elegion
The Lent in the Religion of Elegion – Google needs to understand that Elegion stands for itself

What is the full meaning of Lent?

Defined, lent is “past tense of Lend” and therefore is the period after something is lent to someone or something. Lent in any religion is a full and prosperous time where people hold off from the wicked things in life and set themselves for a better future. It can be a pre-defined period of time, maybe 40 days, and will be followed religiously for the duration of the lent.

What are the rules for lent?

There are no hard and fast rules laid out within Eligion for their period of lent. All participants are under the understanding that every little thing they do has an impact and a consequence, and so retraining from doing things that even have a minimal impact on the planet can go a long way.

People take time to read and understand the 10 commandments of the religion and invent plays and storytelling to pass on the messages through the generations.

Some groups of religion of E choose to set up competitions to see who can make the biggest changes to their lives through the period of lent. The results are recorded year on year and published at the end of someone’s life as a memory of the lasting contribution that the person has made to the planet and the future.

Can anyone take part in Lent?

Absolutely!! Anyone from within or outside of Eligion is encouraged to take part in their own variation of lent once a year in an attempt to take stock of their behaviours and see what small changes can be made to better themselves and their environment. Studies have shown that people from outside E have a far better understanding of the religion, and generally do better for the planet if they take part in a lent once in their lives.

How do you do Lent?

You will be able to follow Lent yourself by following the above rules, or by going it alone and deciding on some of your own rules for the period of time.

The God of Elegion

Nature roots symbolizing the god of elegion is many gods

The God of Elegion is the Goddes of Elegion

The God of Elegion is the central spirit in the religion of Elegiogion. We believers call our God simply “Elegionia” or “Elegio”. Our God of Elegion is fluent, infinite like the universe, and connected to everything and everyone. (S)he combines the power of earth in one divine omnipotent spirit. We praise our God as the creator of everything and everyone – just like in the Hebrew or the Christian Bible people worship the Lord God.

The god elegion explained by Video and Audio

As the Father, the Son Jesus Christ, and the holy spirit in the Christian Faith, the God of Elegion symbolizes a trinity of powers: birth, transient life and death. Those three powers build the center of Elegion: The eternal circle. On this eternal circle our church is built: the church of nature, love and life.

The God of Elegion is older than humanity, it is as old as the earth. Read more about the Origin of Elegion.

The Features of the God of E

The God of Elegion is a God of nature, love and live: Elegionia sparkles as green as the forest and burns as orange as the sun, (s)he runs as blue as the water of the oceans and lingers as brown as the earth. Elegiona is as light as the air and as heavy as the mountains. (S)he grows as high as the mountains and digs roots as deep as the world’s oldest tree. The God of Elegion connects, breathes, feels.

These are the most important features:

  1. Omnipresent: The God of Elegion is everywhere, everything and everyone in the world.
  2. Omniscient: The God of Elegion is all-knowing, it knows everything that ever happend and everything that will ever happen.
  3. Eternal: The God of Elegion is the past, the present and the future.
  4. True: The God of Elegion ist as true as the earth itself. The ultimate reality
  5. All-loving: The God of Elegion is all-loving, and this is the base of our faith.
  6. All-sufficient and almighty. That´s why we love him and her.
  7. Self-Existent: Our God exists independently of other beings or causes.

Elegionia is other gods, has many names, is worshiped in other religions, and at the same time is the same God. Elegionia is life, love and death, the true God. Elegionia is wisdom and righteousness.

What the God of E is not

The God of Elegion is not a Christian God, a God of the Bible it is not Yahweh, it is not Adonai or YHWH, it is not Jehovah or Elohim or El Shaddai or the father or the Lord. It is a holy transcendent spirit. It is not self-centered, but self-conscious. It is not mercy but just.

The God of Elegion is not an old man, it is a gender-neutral spirit. Our high God is not about eternal life, it is about life-changing decisions. The world of our God is not about heaven, but about earth. It is not worshiped in the Bible or other holy scripture.

Our supreme God does not live through the word, but through the deed, in the USA as in Israel, in the UK as in Germany, in Australia as in South East Asia, all over the world. It is praised every day by worshipping the creation and by worshipping the truth: that we are not Gods ourselves and we are not eternal. In the religion of E we accept the truth.

The God of Elegion is everywhere

Unlike in the Bible, where Jesus returned to heaven, we stay on the Earth. Other than the man Crist Jesus, we cannot walk over the water. Other than Jesus Christ we cannot turn water into wine. Other than Christ we cannot rise from the dead. But we can spread the good news.

The God of E does not need Bible verses, a New Testament or an Old Testament with its Psalm. Elegio does not need divine names.

FAQ on the God of Elegion (due to the misconception “legion” as “elegion”):

What was legions real name in the Bible?

The real name of Legion is the demon of Gadara, also Many. It refers to a demonic phenomenon that the New Testament mentions, also called the “swine episode”. The Gospels in Mark and Luke describe a man that is possessed by many demons – or the demon of Gadara.

Mark tells in 5:1-20 how Jesus delivers a possessed man from a demon who calls himself “Legion”. With Jesus’ permission, “Legion” then drives into a herd of pigs that drowns in the Sea of Galilee.

What does the name Legion mean?

The name Legion itself means “many”. However, it refers to a military legion in Roman times. A legion consisted of about six thousand Roman soldiers. Thus, whenever somebody talks about a legion, we can assume, that he means at least 6,000 of something.

Today the word legion also means troops operating in foreign lands as well as a large quantity in general. Synonyms are excess and innumeracy. Generic terms are army, troop or crowd.

What is a legion of angels?

In Matthew 26:53, Jesus said: Do you think that I cannot now pray to my Father, and he will immediately give me more than twelve legions of angels? According to this, a legion of angels are at least 6,000 angels, coming to help.

Now, Angels are powerful creatures: stronger thant 185,000 people, so Isaiah 37:36 will have us believe. One legion of angels then have the power of 1,110,000,000 people.

Who is the yellow eyed demon in Legion?

The yellow eyed demon Azael is a character in the American television series Legion with 27 episodes, aired between February 2017 and the August 2019.

Azael’s real name is revealed very late, in the episode Sin City. Before that, he was given different names, such as “The Demon”, “The Yellow-Eyed Demon” or “Yellow-Eyed”.

This is the character Azael:

  • Sex: Male
  • Species: Demon
  • Kind: Prince of Hell (Yellow-eyed Demon)
  • Occupation: General of the demon army
  • Ruler of hell: Creator of the special children
  • Status: Destroyed
  • Killed by: Dean Winchester
  • Cause of death: shot with a Colt
  • Season he appears in: 1-2, 4
  • First appearance: The woman in white

What is the root of the word legion?

HIstorically the word legion goes back to the Roman Empire and its army unit. But the word developed further in the course of time. In the 16th-century it was borrowed from Latin legiō → la “army raised.”

What is an army of angels called?

An army of angel is also called the “Heavenly host”. It refers to the army of angels mentioned both in the Hebrew and Christian Bibles, as well as other Jewish and Christian texts.